Welcome IN ALE, within the family. We do life and love beer and we do create beer, that is our ambition and our fascination. This is what is letting us explore new tastes and is responsible for the creation of new and versatile beers. Go on a hunt and find your beer style, to experience something new, with and IN ALE. You can give it a shot right now!


We want to get in touch with people, to create a joint adventure, with our passion and fascination for the oldest and most natural food on earth, with taste and flavor.

We want to connect: people, lifestyle, enjoyment and modern spirit.

With today’s possibilities, we are looking at an not limited access to varieties of malts, hops and yeast. We are able to recreate specialty beers that stick out due to their taste profile and diversified style with the creative use of those raw materials.

We want to have sustainable, exciting beer and beverage diversity, as the alternative to established mass production beers and beverages.

Bring “beer with attitude”, beside nonalcoholic beer (N|ALE’s), into our portfolio made by guys with the back ground as Brewer and Beverage technologists, is the center of our action.


It always takes patients, experience, knowledge and precision until you have developed beer, that is on the one hand surprising, fascinating and on the other hand lets you scream for more -simply tastes good. Sometimes this happens as well at the first shot, but this is like finding a diamond or discovering a vein of gold. It is always an unique moment of its own.

Preferably we are working with regional raw materials; we would rather craft everything ourselves. Most of the raw material suppliers, however realize sustainability, quality, flavor and diversity with and in their products.

And so we are looking into a partnership with those suppliers and focus on our brewing handcraft.

We are looking for the everyday inspiration and challenge ourselves that our knowledge, experience and fascination is revealed in our beers. Within the center, INALE.

Today, new hop varieties and their differentiated use in the brewing process dominates the flavor diversity in craft beer. We do also see that there is a huge playground for malt and the yeast, to design absolutely new flavor adventures. We stay curious!


We are brewers by choice and by training and do know what we are doing here!

Since that many years, that we have been on the road, for a well-known supplier for machinery and process plant for the beverage industry, we have also been on a crusade for beer, so to say on the other side of the beer.

One thing always guides us and never lost the grip on us, is the fascination about beer; its production and enjoyment, with its numerous facets; – unbelievable exciting.

Out of this passion, we decided to machete our own craft-beer-path and seize the chance to assist in shaping this beer landscape, to emboss it and leave our marks.

ALE is, by the way, the original name for fermented alcoholic beverages, which mainly used malted barley and top fermenting yeasts. The name “beer” has then been established as the commonly used term for all beers at some point and time.


We are breaking new ground, far far away from the mass sustained comparableness, that leaves room for innovation and individuality.

As well with the packing, we did chose the black bottle! It is the end of a long process, the essential part, to get you the valuable content in a safe manner. The black bottle eliminates the influence of light, to protect the content, to its best abilities. So that the extraordinary design is combined with something more than just useful.

As soon as you understand, what is necessary to create a great beer, you will see it in a different light. And something rather important becomes clearer, it takes time.

We are sensing time as something very valuable, for us, for our product, for the people. Time that is used to enjoy, feel good, experience and inspire. That’s why we are in the center of it, within it, IN ALE


Welcome INALE!

Our english INALE homepage is finally ready and is going online today. Another special moment for us! You will find a lot of information about us, our…