Why nonalcoholic craft beer? Never been a question for us, rather why not!

This has become a creed to us. Imagine, what is more annoying then being in a craft beer mood and just because of the alcohol content you need to pass on the aromatic of an IPA or Pale Ale. Therefore we had a clear direction we want and we need, beside our beers with attitude, nonalcoholic counterparts in the INALE family!

After a long working week, on a Friday in march 2016, inspired by the thought and the will to create a new N|Ale (pron.: | ˈneɪl |), our first nonalcoholic Pale Ale was born. This first batch did fascinate us right away and caught us in its ban. Thereof it still forms the base for the sophisticated brewing process. This beer, still, has a catch on us,(we still have 3 of the original bottles) with its unique flavor and constancy in taste, very exciting and new!

The destination of a long epic voyage into the land of nonalcoholic beer. Easy to identify, with a look onto our label and the big “ZERO”. “0” is our first beer-style-family of our INALE beers.

We are working on unprecedented nonalcoholic creations and longing for samples.

We do not to want to let our nonalcoholic Pale Ale alone, everybody deserves a friend.