The best things in life do come sometimes unexpected. There is a lot of things on our agenda but would you have told us that we would end up all in a sudden at the “green hell” – Nürburg Ring as well our Brand on a Racing car, that would have been a vision.

Therefore we have been really surprised on the 2018 Craft Bier Festival in Munich 15. – 16. Juni  to be contacted by racing pilot Mario Schopper, if we would be interested to support him and his MKR Engineering Team at the 3. VLN Race 2018 at the Nürburgring with our INALE BEER. As a Racing Pilot Mario is not trinking any alcohol and he was really fascinated about our non alcoholic Pale Ale.

No time to be wasted and go for it! And so we went the weekend after to the 60th ADAC ACAS H&R-Cup at Nürburgring. To arrive in the racing pit was already an unbelievable impression.

After we built up our INALE booth in the catering area of MKR Engineering we started right away to have the first tasting panel with our beers and the team. We also got all access to the pit stop, get into the cars ask all questions and inspect Mario’s Racing car (BMW M235i Racing Cup)

After a relaxing night in close proximity to the racing track we have been awoken by the racing car sound and couldn’t wait to get there and smell some fuel. Racing qualification was in full process. As we went to the team garage we were just flashed, the team had put up our brand logo 3 times on Marios racing car.  We were invited on the racing track, experience the start form the closest possible position and there we were INALE at CAR RACING.