Did you arrive IN ALE yet? Please pick and choose your favorite-ALE from 5 different brands.

FROM INALE | 0.1 PALE ALE Alcohol free to INALE | 4.1 NUT BROWN ALE.


According to the „Beer Judge Certification Program 2015“ there are  34 beer categories with 120 single „Beer styles“ as a rough guideline, meant for committed home brewers. This could be used as a GPS system of today’s beer landscape. The boundaries are melting into each other  due to the creativity and the adventurist nature of craft brewers. We are keeping it simple…


We want you to navigate with ease IN ALE, to search, discover and find your favorites. No use for names. Just remember the base number as the Style and its member on the exponent!

E.g. do you favor IPA’s, then style “3” is exactly the right choice for you. If you are looking to experience something new and refreshing and some real fruit beers then feel welcome in-Style “6”. Every number is on the label of the bottles, KEGs and Cases. The exponent identifies the member of this style and names the beers in order of their appearance.


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INALE Style 0 – Nonalcoholic Ale (N|Ale)
INALE Style 1 – Basic Ales
INALE Style 2 – Pale Ales
INALE Style 3 – IPA’s
INALE Style 4 – Amber | Brown Ales
INALE Style 5 – Porter | Stouts
INALE Style 6 – Fruit Ales
INALE Style 7 – Belgium & Trappist Ales
INALE Style 8 – Belgium & Trappist Ales
INALE Style 9 – Special Ales